Tuesday, April 26, 2011

We Took a Break

More wonderful donations have arrived from around the world and they are so welcome as it makes it much easier to donate so many quilts where needed. Fran Williams (Tas) sent 3 sets of binding which will be a big help for getting more QAYG quilts finished.
Di Jobbins and the St Marks Darling Point Quilters (NSW) sent another 2 parcels with 36 beautiful QAYG blocks and they have been very busy with supporting this quilt appeal.
Delys Rogers (WA) sent another 2 large parcels with a baby quilt UFO, 3 scarves, a blanket, orphan blocks, fabric, knitting wool and 9 QAYG blocks which will all help warm a lot of people in need.
Irene Baldock and the Friendship Quilters of Kent (UK) also sent a large parcel containing 43 fabulous QAYG blocks as well as fabric strips.
Elizabeth Powell (ACT) sent 11 beautiful QAYG blocks as well as binding strips and Cat Brown (NZ) sent a large parcel of a set of blocks, orphan blocks and a wall hanging which I will re-fashion into a quilt top.
Kaite Matilda (NSW) sent a lovely bag filled with knitting yarn suitable for crocheted blankets for the homeless, and for beanies and the bag will be a wonderful gift for them to use to store their blanket.
Helen Evans (Vic) sent 3 large parcels of fabric and blocks which will help to make more quilts to donate.

We went camping in the Victorian high country over Easter, as it's our favourite place and although the days were lovely and sunny the nights were very, very cold. Consequently I still have the head cold and plan to take it easy this week until I get over it. I do however plan to finish off some more quilts as well as knitting the scarves and crocheting blankets that I've been working on. I'm looking forward to being able to sleep through the night again without waking with coughing fits. At least we're home again where we are warm and dry and it does remind us that others are not so lucky thanks to recent earthquakes and the floods.
Hugs, Jan Mac


Merilyn said...

Welcome back Jan, I'm glad you had some time away to relax over Easter! It looks as though you will be back into it before too long. I hope you get over your cold soon!!! Take it easy!!!

willywagtail said...

Mmm. Love the high plains. Sad about the head cold but good things like that often do come with a price like when we had to take our holidays in the winter so ourchildren had to do the beaches with parkas over their bathers. lol Cherrie