Friday, April 8, 2011

Spread Too Thin?

I know many must think that I am flitting around trying to help too many people and agencies. Firstly I'm making and donating to the homeless in Vic and Qld; the flood affected areas in Qld and Vic; the earthquake survivors in New Zealand and Japan; as well as the local woman's refuge; agencies to support teen mothers as well as East Timor.
Yes I support all of these and more when asked for my help with quilts but don't feel that I'm spread too thin as I make many quilts every week. It's because I have so many contacts and places to donate quilts and other items that I can make sure that things aren't stockpiled but are given out and used as soon as they are donated. This also means that I don't overload any one agency with more than they can handle. The variety of places I am able to support also means that everything donated will be useful to at least one or more agencies so I can always find a good home for items. It also means that I can multi-task and if I'm getting muscle fatigue from quilting I can change to knitting or crocheting etc so I can always be productive. I also take my knitting everywhere with me so I don't have to sit idly if I'm waiting at an appointment. I love what I do so it's not a hardship for me to keep busy making something that others can use. They do me a favour by using what I love to make.
Today I received more parcels from Joanne Hinchcliffe (NSW) who sent 8 lovely QAYG blocks in bright colours and G. Svartsjo from Finland who also sent 6 beautiful QAYG blocks in shades of green and yellow. The next parcel came from Robin Walker (Tas) who sent a lovely quilt shown on the other blog as well as 3 patterns and some lovely fabric with scenes of wildlife. These will all be used for quilts for Christchurch as per Robin's request, and Cat will be delighted to distribute the quilts when they are finished.
The last parcel came from T. Cox of Vic and contained a lovely set of blocks in greens and browns which will make a lovely quilt.
Today I sent off a box containing a quilt and crocheted blanket, knitted beanies and scarves to a group which helps the homeless in Brisbane as well as 6 more quilts to Cat for distribution to Christchurch. Thanks to all of your generous donations we are able to help so many people who will be grateful for the warm garments and quilts this winter.
I hope you all continue to have fun with the QAYG blocks and know that you are all helping us to make a difference to others.
Hugs Jan Mac


Maria said...

I am delighted that you can use all the QAYG blocks for folk who need comfort. It is great to stitch and know the quilts will be used.

kaite said...

Jan i'm sure you know best who to send things to, don't feel you need to justify yourself, you are not accountable to anyone but yourself. I don't remember seeing you listed on the ASX lately - LOL!!
keep up your good work.

Jan Mac said...

Thanks for the kind comments friends. I know I don't have to justify what I do but then again I feel I do have to let people know where there donations end up. I know I get more quilts finished than most and just want people to know that there donations aren't languishing in piles of stuff here but are turned around quickly and out the door as quilts to comfort. LOL
Love Jan Mac