Sunday, April 10, 2011

More International Donations

The boxes are still arriving with beautiful QAYG blocks for Australia and New Zealand to bring comfort after the natural disasters of floods and earthquakes. The first photo shows the two large boxes from Nadine Kirk and Judy LaCass from the USA. They sent 3 sets of 35 QAYG blocks as well as another set of 24 QAYG blocks and fabric for bindings. The blocks are beautiful and will make some lovely quilts.
There was also a second box from Margaret Sunter and the Dunfermline Quilters from Scotland, containing another 40 QAYG blocks. The ongoing donations have made it much easier to get so many quilts finished and distributed on your behalf.

Yesterday I heard from a contact in Vic who has been working in the northern part of the state to try to clean-up one of the smaller towns of Charlton where a lot of homes have been damaged.
She was telling me that they feel that they have been COMPLETELY ignored and have received nothing. Apparently a lot of the insurance companies are not paying out for the flooding so these people have no idea about what they are going to do. She also said some are living in one room of their house because the rest has been demolished and stinks of mould from the water. 
The lady has very kindly agreed to take quilts up to be given out by the recovery centre and so I'm busy getting more finished to send with her.

I also have a lady who is taking another 10 quilts for Christchurch when she visits there in a few weeks time. Luckily I've managed to get a lot of quilts finished and have enough to send to these places as well as gathering more for Qld.
I finished off another 3 quilts today and they are shown on my other blog.
Thank you all for continuing to donate so that more quilts can be distributed and bring comfort.
Hugs Jan Mac

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kaite said...

hi Jan, that's tough about the insurance coys in some parts of Vic, it's been on ABC tv too, it must be devastating for those people.
You're certainly receiving a lot of lovely quilt blocks, that's wonderful.