Saturday, April 30, 2011

Generosity of Quilters

I received more donations of knitted garments and 8 QAYG blocks from Bev Dean (WA) as well as more finished quilts (shown on my other blog) from the Kyvalley and Girgarre Pathworkers (Vic) as well as a lovely scarf and knitted beanie and more beautiful knitting yarn. I knitted 2 scarves over the last two days and the new yarn is knitting up beautifully. I'll show more photos soon and I also have enough squares for a crocheted blanket ready to piece them together. I also received another parcel from Helen Evans (Vic) with a quilt top, some orphan blocks as well as 12 QAYG blocks.
All of these donations will be on their way to warm people who have lost their homes to floods. My thoughts and prayers are also with the people who lost their lives in the tornadoes in the US. It seems like this year has taken a heavy toll with all the natural disasters and I pray that no more will follow.
It was lovely to watch the wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton and it was so nice to have some positive news to watch while I worked on my knitting.
Tonight I decided to take a break from my donation works and I've been doing some hand-piecing for a quilt I'd like to finish for me. I would love to have it finished in time to enter it in my state exhibition in July this year. I've never entered a quilt and the donation quilts always take the majority of my time but I decided that entering one of my quilts was on my "bucket list" so maybe this year should be the year that I actually do it. I know that every year I will always be busy making quilts to donate so I decided that I need to make time to finish one of my UFOs. It involves lots of hand work but if it's not done in time for this year there's always next year.
I'm going to set myself a half day a week to work on it and see how much I can achieve, while still finishing off a lot of comfort quilts.
Hugs Jan Mac


Maria said...

Good on you Jan!

Merilyn said...

I'm glad you are setting aside some time for your own projects Jan, you do so much for others!!!