Saturday, January 1, 2011

A Wedding and a Quilt

We had a wonderful time at our niece's wedding yesterday and it was lovely to catch up with family again.
Luckily it wasn't as hot as predicted and we got home at 2am so today was a quiet day of recovery due to lack of sleep.
I did manage to finish the QAYG quilt and have put half of another one together. These are 60"x80" and in more masculine colours and will be donated to people affected by the devastating floods in Qld.
If anyone has some time and fabric and batting scraps I can use any QAYG blocks you care to donate. They are made to 10.5" square and in any colours. I'm also making tote bags and pillowcases to put the quilts in and this will make it easier to hand them out and of course they will be useful as well. The tote bags and pillowcases can also be made from poly cotton or curtain fabric and I've been using those complimentary bags that many businesses give out, and just making a pocket to cover the business advertising, or you can also use the cloth bags that many supermarkets sell.
The affected communities aren't ready to accept donations yet as it may be some weeks before they finish the clean-up and the flood waters haven't started to recede yet. Of course they can also use donations of money but as many will have lost all their possessions due to their homes being submerged for some time, the quilts will be welcomed as a they try to return to normal.
I hope that we don't have bush fires as well this summer but I guess we'll just deal with what happens and try to make the best of things.
I hope you all have plenty of fun and laughter this year as well as good health.
Take care, Jan Mac


kaite said...

hi Jan, i've put together a bag of baby wool for you for the premmie babies which i'll post off when the PO next re-opens. And i hear your call for qayg blocks and bags so we'll whip up a few of those as well. this is my year of "stash busting" so i'll bust it your way!
take care, kaite

kaite said...

Jan, i've just blogged your request onto my latest post, k.