Saturday, January 22, 2011

A Purple Patch...

I know it's corny but it had to be said when I'm showing a very purple quilt. This is a lovely QAYG quilt which was made and donated by Doreen from ACT. Actually she made all the blocks some years ago and then lost interest in finishing it. Luckily she decided to donate it to the Oz Comfort Quilt flood relief appeal.
It's a really pretty quilt and it took less than an hour to finish it off. I think we all win in this situation. Doreen because she doesn't have to feel guilty about not finishing it, me because I get to play with the lovely fabric, and the lucky recipient who will have a lovely hand-made hug to bring them some comfort after losing all their household belongings.
So have a think about some of the UFOs you have stashed away. Do you regret the time and effort that went into the project, that you never finished? Or perhaps you regret the money you spent on something that is now residing in the back of the cupboard, or perhaps stashed away in a bag somewhere.
As far as the money you spent on your UFOs you won't be able to recover the cost but you could donate them and they will be finished and donated to someone who would love to cherish it and give it a good home. It may be the only hand-made items they will own after losing all their possessions.
This lovely quilt will be on it's way to Queensland this coming week and if you have any UFOs you want to donate, just send them on and I'll finish them off and donate them on your behalf. It's just something I love to do and today was very productive with finishing off this QAYG quilt, quilting and binding another top, binding three of yesterday's quilts (finished quilts shown at
Oz Comfort Quilts blog)and making more QAYG blocks.
Hugs Jan Mac


Doreen G said...

It looks beautiful Jan-Thanks for finishing it off and I hope it brings some happiness to one of the flood victims.

Michele Bilyeu said...

Beautiful and I love it! created an awesome quilt top! And Jan never cease to inspire me!

natsy said...

absolutely gorgeous! I need to get your current email off you, the one posted on your blog doesnt seem to work, as my mail to you comes back.

Tennye said...

That is the most fantastic purple quilt. I love that !!!!