Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Pedal to the Metal

I've had a fun couple of days putting QAYG quilts together as well as making some more QAYG blocks. It's good to get more quilts made for the flood affected areas and I've also made some bags and a pillow which will be going to an agency which supports homeless people. The bag will hold a quilt and the pillow and I plan to get some more made too.
I've been to my "Magic Cupboard" and found some heavier curtain fabric which will be ideal for the bags and make it easier for the agency to give out the items.
I'm also gathering books to send with the quilts and this lot will go to the Footpath Library which gives out books to the homeless in Melbourne and Sydney. Check out their website for more information. I used to allow books to stay on my bookshelves in case I wanted to read them again but I'm now realizing that it's better to give them away so others can enjoy them too. If I want to re-read them then I can borrow them from the local library. Today I've been putting a QAYG quilt together in the traditional way as it would have ruined the design if I'd used my quicker way. It does take a lot longer though and yesterday I finished off 3 QAYG quilts and today I'm still working only on one. Btter get back to it as there is still more hand sewing to do.
Take care, Jan Mac

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kaite said...

i love your Magic Cupboard, it's like the Magic Pudding. yes i must remember to make some bags too. k.