Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Not Just Quilts

Happy Australia Day everyone!
I managed to finish off more quilts and they are shown on my other blog at Oz Comfort Quilts. Now that I've received some more QAYG blocks as well as bindings it's made it a lot easier to get more finished. The quilt shown here is made for a boy using some I Spy QAYG blocks. A young lad will have fun looking for all the different animals and fish on the strips if fabric. It's bright and colourful and it even has some spiders on the strips!
As well as getting the quilts made this week I also knitted 4 beanies and finished off a crocheted blanket. The blanket measures 50"x70" and it's a good project to have when I need a break from sewing. I've started another one too as there is a Homeless Connect day in Melbourne in March and they are wanting warm garments like hats, scarves and gloves as well as blankets. This is a lovely way for me to use up small bits and pieces of wool or acrylic yarn and will help to keep someone warm this winter. I can just about make these squares in my sleep so I can also watch the cricket on TV while I create more squares.
Tomorrow I plan to make some more QAYG quilts as I want to make a big delivery when I go to Melbourne on Friday as there will be a truck taking donations to Qld and it will save me a lot in postage costs.
I hope you all had a good day with family and friends. We had family visit during the day and I can't sew while visitors are here but I can knit and crochet LOL!
Take care, Jan Mac

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kaite said...

how fabulous that you have found a truck to take your quilts and rugs to Qld, such a saving in postage costs.
I've finished another 18 blocks today, i'm managing to work smarter.
You will be getting a delivery of enough blocks for over 3 quilts from a friend in Nova Scotia in a couple of weeks. Penny asked if she should send to me or you and it was suggested you as they may be too warm for Emerald. How fabulously generous such people are. cheers, kaite