Monday, January 31, 2011

The Mail's Arrived!

Wow what a lovely lot of donations have arrived this week. You ladies must make some beautiful quilts if the fabric you've used in the blocks is any example. They are really lovely and will make some stunning quilts to be donated.
Firstly Wendy Watson (Vic) sent 35 QAYG blocks for a whole quilt and they are in pretty feminine colours. Then I received parcels from Rini vanNimwegen and Wilma Bruins from Holland, who both sent heart blocks (8 and 12 respectively) which are really pretty and will look lovely with the others I've received. Julie Howard (Vic) has sent 32 QAYG blocks and binding. Some are in pretty florals and the others are in bright boys prints.
Joy Tedjosiswoyd (Vic) sent 19 lovely QAYG blocks in bright colours and they look really lovely. Eight more QAYG blocks have arrived from Holland sent by Shere Hecht and she also sent me a lovely pin cushion. Kelly Hamlyn-Harris (Vic) was kind enough to send enough binding for a QAYG quilt and she had also joined the strips and pressed them so that is a huge gift of time for me and I'll be using it tomorrow, Kelly.
Chandra Sambell (WA) sent 6 lovely QAG blocks and Wendy Churchill (Vic) also sent 12 QAYG blocks and they will all be used as soon as possible. Then I received another parcel from Finland, sent by Carina Nordberg who sent 12 QAYG blocks and it always amazes me that not only do I get Australian quilters donating but also quilters from the other side of the world who are supporting this quilt drive.
Judy Millington (Tas) also sent 12 QAYG blocks and Kerry Shelberg (NSW) also sent two boxes of fabric, one contains FQs and the other has strips of fabric already cut and I have started to use them already.
I hope that it's OK to use your names on my blogs, or if you'd prefer I can use first names and just an initial for the surname. I also hope that I haven't mispelled anyone's name as sometime the post mark is across the name and it's a bit hard to read.
Please include your emails if you want me to email you when the parcels arrive but please excuse me if I get a bit behind with my responses as I'm trying to finish as many quilts as possible for the next month while I still have a way of getting them to Qld via a donated truck.
Your very generous donations are very heartwarming and your lovely notes are very kind. I couldn't finish and donate as many quilts without all your help so I thank you all.
More tomorrow and I plan to start earlier before the heat becomes too intense here.
Take care, Jan Mac


kaite said...

wonderful surprises in the mail, should keep you busy. it's hot here too, and we've resorted to the A/C for Mum's sake. hugz, k.

Suzie said...

I'm glad the blocks arrived safe and sound! I can understand your excitement with so many parcels arriving, beautiful blocks for beautiful quilts! Greetings,
Suzie from Germany

Catherine said...

Off to the post office this morning with a top and some blocks and some fabric for you with love from NZ xxx