Saturday, January 29, 2011

Comings and Goings

We had a 21st birthday party for one of my lovely nieces who was born on Australia Day and that was the theme for her party. We had a lovely picnic lunch and it was great to catch up with our family members again as well as to see how these young people have grown into such lovely adults. We always got together every Sunday night for a meal with my siblings and their families at my parent's home and we have many happy memories of these times. We took this opportunity to deliver 34 quilts as well as 1 crocheted blanket for the Homeless Connect Day coming up in Melbourne. Last week's quilt all went to Emerald in Qld, where 1,274 homes were inundated by flood waters and I believe that the water was 18 to 19 metres deep so many homes and businesses were destroyed. You can see some more of the quilts on my other blog and read a little about their distribution. Apparently the quilts are the first things that people choose and it will be lovely to have more of them to be given out this week.
I also received more parcels on Friday but haven't had time to take photos of all of them yet and sadly I have paid work for a couple of days so I will fit things in as I can manage.
Shown here are 6 more lovely bright QAYG blocks in bright colours sent by Terry P (NSW) and she also sent binding strips to join squares into a quilt.
Inge Bakker-Simon from Holland sent 21 beautiful quilt blocks with appliqued hearts and they will join the others donated from Holland and will make a beautiful quilt to donate. Inge also spread the word amongst her quilting friends and I have already received some heart blocks from other quilters so I'll get them together very soon.
Helen S. (Vic) also sent a quilt top and some fabric and they are in lovely colours which will make a lovely quilt.
More to follow as I get time and I plan to make more quilts in between work commitments so keep an eye on the other blog too.
It's always good to hear that the quilts are bringing some comfort and I hope it helps for you to know that your efforts are really appreciated.
Better get back to the machine, Hugs Jan Mac

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what a lovely day out in the sunshine, cheerio