Saturday, January 8, 2011

A Change of Pace?

I was thinking of making pillowcases yesterday and then saw the large pile of batting scraps and remembered that I was going to make some dolls with brown skin to be donated to aboriginal kids.
I found a pattern that looked easy enough and got it made in the afternoon. I've thought of a few changes to make it easier and will make some more. It used up lots of batting scraps which are too small for the QAYG blocks so that was a good thing. I also made 8 QAYG blocks at 13.5" to match the 4 that had been donated. Today I put that quilt together and will show a photo later.
I've also been busy making more QAYG blocks. I keep trying to tidy the sewing room by sewing my way through all the scraps but although I'm making plenty of blocks I don't seem to have made much progress with the tidy up.
I read on one of the lists that a quilter from the US tidies her sewing area by making crumb squares from all her scraps and gets everything tidy and ready to start new projects for the rest of the year. I try it every year and make lots of quilts but still don't seem to have a tidy work area. This will keep Kate happy as she thinks I have a secret group of elves who help with all the quilts. Actually most people think I work with a team of quilters to get the quilts done and I'm the only one on the team. I tried to recruit DH but he wouldn't be in it. LOL. So yes there is a team but if I'm not here to work them they don't produce anything.
It's not a problem as I'd rather be quilting than overseeing a team of workers. I do that at my paid job instead and that's enough. Back to the pile of strips.
Hugs Jan Mac


Celia said...

love your doll...

kaite said...

Jan your team of elves is out here in the real world helping you. Terry has made 8 blocks, i've just finished 35 and a couple of my bloggie friends have offered to make some also.
That little doll person will have taken the load off your stiff neck and shoulders after all your quilting. cheers, kaite

Jan Mac said...

You're right Kaite, I am blessed to have a team of helpers preparing the blocks and it will make it much easier to get more quilts finished and donated to the Qld flood affected areas.
Thank you all for stopping by and joining in with the block party.
Hugs Jan Mac

amandajg said...

Jan, what is your quicker way of assembling the QAYG blocks? All the tutorials I have found seem to involve some hand stitching which is not for me. It is a well fact known that fabric breeds in the dark!

Jan Mac said...

Hi Amanda,
The directions for joining the QAYG blocks are in the Feb 2009 part of my blog. Use a leather or denim needle and use triangles in the corners so you don't have too much bulk where you join the blocks.
Cheers, Jan Mac