Monday, January 10, 2011

Around the Block

I've spent the past 2 days making QAYG blocks and managed to get 30 made so far. I'm taking the opportunity to tidy up my scraps and I must be making progress but the room is still messy. LOL
I also received a beautiful package of baby yarn from the lovely Kaite in Bathurst so I can knit more premmie jackets and hats.
The postman was very busy as there is another parcel for me to pick up at the post office as well as a parcel of QAYG blocks from Shona H. from Coleambally.
Thanks so much to my "team of supporters" I plan to have more QAYG quilts finished tomorrow. I have decided to make myself stop sewing by 8.30pm and crochet or knit instead so I don't burn out. It's good for me to use different muscles too.
I am very grateful for all the help offered and the donations made so we can bring some comfort to the people who have been affected by the Qld floods. Unfortunately it doesn't look like the rain is going to stop soon and there seem to be more reports of flooding, even in areas that have already been inundated.
It's a tough country to live in so I hope you all stay dry and safe. There have been warnings of a flash flood for us at the end of the week so I plan to buy supplies and keep sewing.
Hugs Jan Mac


kaite said...

hi Jan, i knew you could put that baby wool to better use than me, i'd been hoarding it for a rainy day and that day came last week when i posted it to you. enjoy your knitting and resting those shoulders.
i really don't know how you can make 30 blocks in 2 days, it must be those elves again, but please don't overdo it, we need those shoulders to stay well. hgz, kaite

Chere said...

I seem to have missed the post which explained how to put the QAYG blocks together into a finished quilt. Would you post it again please?

Chere said...
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