Sunday, December 19, 2010


an aptitude for making desirable discoveries by accident. ...
I received a lovely parcel of fabric from Barbara D. in Vic and the bright batik was perfect to use for binding the bright quilt and there was a lovely caramel fabric with small green and red snowflake designs which was ideal to use for binding strips for the country red , green and caramel QAYG blocks. Don't you love it when it all comes together. The photo of the bright quilt is on my other blog at Oz Comfort Quilts.
I heard this week that many farming communities are having a tough time due to 10 years of drought and then rainfall which came too late to save their crops and which caused wide spread flooding, causing many to have to leave their homes. We live in a country of harsh weather extremes. So now as well as finishing off the quilts for the Women's Refuge, I'm now getting more done and these will go to Gawler (SA) to be distributed by the Salvos, who do a wonderful job of supporting communities in need.
While I was in the US I also saw the tragic news about the coalminers who died in the mine accident in New Zealand. I was intending to send some quilts to their families but Shirley Goodwin (NZ) has asked for heart blocks and has received enough to make the quilts as well as finished quilts, so I'll send some to the farmers who have become homeless instead.
There always seems to be a need of comfort and I'm blessed to have so many donated QAYG blocks and fabric etc to continue to make and distribute the quilts where comfort is needed. The second quilt was from a donated top of bright kid's prints and will warm a child this Christmas.
Today we had heavy rain storms as well as hail which was more like snow balls, so I think quilts will still be needed even though we're supposed to be in summer here now.
More to come tomorrow.
Cheers, Jan Mac

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kaite said...

hi Jan, it's cold and wet and windy where we are too, quilts on the beds tonight. Your new quilts look splendid. hgz, k.