Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas

I hope that all my blogging friends are having a pieceful Christmas and a very prosperous New Year.
Unfortunately for us our youngest DD, is celebrating Christmas in New York while on holiday so we hope she has a White Christmas as she's been dreaming of this since she was a young child.
I've included a couple of photos of our tree so she can enjoy it via the blog as she always decorates it for us every year, as long as I pack it away again. LOL!!
Kate commented on my last blog that she doesn't know how I get so many things made to donate. I thought I should remind everyone that I don;t usually have to make things from scratch as I often gets donations of UFO's or finished QAYG blocks and I only have to finish them off. I can make 3 lap sized QAYG quilts or a QS one in a day if I do nothing else, but this doesn't happen unless I have an urgent request for a quilt, as for the bush fire quilt appeal.
When I say that I have finished off a baby jacket that doesn't mean I made it in a day but over a couple of days and I usually don't post photos until they are finished. I have been quilting since about 1978 and I work quickly so I'm blessed to find so many places where quilts can bring some warmth and comfort to others.
I'd just like to say a very big thank you to my blog followers as you inspire me to show what I've been working on and I hope that I can inspire others to create and donate.
Also a very warm thank you to everyone who has sent me quilts, tops, orphan blocks, UFOs and knitting or tapestry wool as it all helps to spread the love and cheer to others who are going through hard times.
PS The pillowcases are quick to make and I made 4 in an hour or so. I used poly cotton which had been donated and they will wash and wear well for the kids in care.
Merry Christmas everyone and I'm off to sew a couple of QAYG blocks now as I need 48 for a quilt for a homeless person and every block helps.
Love and hugs Jan Mac


kaite said...

wishing you a wonderfilled Christmas Jan, with love and hgz...kaite

kaite said...

hah ha, i just realised you wished us all a pieceful christmas, not a peaceful one! does that mean we are supposed to be busy piecing quilts? cheerio, k.