Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Giving

I managed to finish off another donated top before I took the quilts to the Women's Refuge. This lovely bright batik top was made and donated by quilters in Alice Springs. I know that a teen will love it as it's bright and fun. I delivered 10 quilts to the refuge and also sent off a box of 4 quilts, toys and craft items to be distributed by the Salvos in Gawler (SA).
In the box for the homeless of Gawler I also included some dolls with their own quilts which will give some kids a cuddle too.
Today I've been washing dolls which have been found at thrift shops and I'm trying to re-style their hair but finding that it's still a bit frizzy so it needs more work. When I have that conquered I'll make some clothes for them as well as a dolly quilt and they will be donated to kids in foster care. I'm always on the look out for dolls in good condition as well as knitting wool and acrylic yarn so I can make something useful for someone else to enjoy. I get the fun out of creating but don't have the problem of storing all of these items so it's a "win win" situation. I'll post photos when I've made more progress with the dolls. In the meantime I'm finishing off another premmie baby jacket and hope to get them in the mail tomorrow.
I seem to be organized for Christmas so now I have time to play with a few projects that have been in my mind for a while.
More later, Jan Mac


SHEILA said...

I continue to follow your blogs. Your charity quilts, clothes and dolls are beautiful. Your kindness, caring and giving inspires each of us to be generous and kinder to those in need, not only now during this season of giving, but throughout the year. Merry Christmas, Jan.

Alycia said...

The quilt is beautiful. But I love the little quilts for the dolls - very sweet!