Monday, December 6, 2010

Back To Normal?

It seems like we have been back from the US for more than a week now. So far I've been fitting work in with unpacking the suitcases and catching up with family and friends. The biggest change has been the weather as it was below freezing when we left Denver in the US and here it has been very humid and the temperatures have been in the high 90s. We've also been having thunderstorms and the river we live on (and sometimes in) is at the height of its banks so we are hoping we don't have a flood again.
I did manage to fit in a trip to Melbourne to attend my Melbourne quilting guild's Christmas meeting and had fun as usual despite the hot weather. No photos to share so I'm showing one of our last flood in early September and also one from our camping trip to the Flinders Ranges in late Sept. Now with all the rain and humidity the grass has been growing super quickly and we've had to mow the areas around the house more often than normal to keep the snakes away.
My parcel of books and fabric that I posted from Philly has now arrived and I'm dying to get started on fondling the fabric and putting it away on a shelf where I can see it for inspiration. Unfortunately I said that I'd work today so the fabric will have to wait until tomorrow. I may be able to browse through one of the books on antique quilts though. I'm also knitting premmie baby jackets and hats for a group of foster carers here so hope to get some finished before work today.
Hugs Jan Mac

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kaite said...

stay safe with that flood water and rain Jan. It's gonna get worse the next few days...k.