Friday, August 27, 2010

What's Happening?

The last two weeks have gone very quickly with lots of boxes being packed with quilts and warm clothing for the people affected by floods in Pakistan. The last news report said that 6 million people have been affected and what I'm sending is a drop in the ocean compared to the need but if just a few have been helped then that's better than doing nothing.
I also received more utility quilts from Gladys and her lovely team of quilters from Dimboola (Vic) and these have all been packed and are ready to be shipped off.
I also managed to make a pair of blue cord pants for a 7 yr old boy and with family commitments and finishing off several quilts my time has disappeared with no blogging updates.
I have more bindings to finish off and then more quilt photos to share on my other blog at
More later. Jan Mac

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Maria said...

You are always so busy helping other folk.