Thursday, June 3, 2010


I spent yesterday taking 8 quilts and 2 crocheted blankets over to Bendigo to be given to refugees from Burma. They are being supported by a group there and have been asking for warm bed clothes. The second photo shows the crocheted blanket and is a good way to use up scraps of wool and acrylic yarn.
I also took the time to visit a couple of op (thrift) shops and bought some sweaters which have been lightly worn and which weren't selling. I then pull these apart and make them into crocheted squares for blankets. It's a good way to recycle what would otherwise be thrown out as people seem to prefer to wear clothes which are easier to wash.
I also bought some dolls which I plan to freshen up, using instructions from the internet. Then I'll make new clothes for them and donate them to children in foster care.
I also received some lovely purses made by Kaite M. from Bathurst. These will be going to East Timor for the ladies to sue as coin purses and they will also be sent with cloth shopping bags. Kaite also included a large pile of these and they will help to make life a little easier for the Timorese women.
Off to work now.
Hugs Jan Mac


Kaite said...

hi Jan, i wonder how it would go just cutting the acrylic jumpers into squares and machine stitching the edges together to make the blankets, it might work and would be less time consuming.
nice to see my little purses, thanks...kaite m.

Mary-anne said...

Thnaks for the blankets and quilts. They will make a big difference to our families this winter.