Thursday, April 15, 2010

It's Good To Be Quilting

I've finally had a productive week of quilting or at least better than before. I attended my quilter's meeting of AQA on Monday and as that's a 2 1/2 hour trip each way, not much else got done but it was great to catch up with my quilting friends again. Actually I forgot that I did manage to make 2 rice bags for Timor.
Then on Tuesday I quilted 4 tops and finished putting a crocheted blanket together. Then on Wednesday I bound 2 of the tops and quilted 2 more as well as packing boxes of goods for East Timor. I received a large box of 90 rice bags for Hiam Health in Timor and they were made and donated by a group of quilters from Wauchope in NSW. They've done a wonderful job in making so many bags and they will be used to distribute rice as part of Hiam Health's program to combat malnutrition. I was told they can use 55,000 and although they have received some 2,000 or so, they can still use more so I am busy cutting and making bags when there's time.
My back and shoulders were complaining after quilting so many quilts for the last few days so today was a day to catch up with other chores. This weekend I have a quilting weekend of classes at the Dookie Weekend and it's always a fun time, especially seeing the tutors Show and Tell. I've shown 2 of the finished quilts and the blankets but need to finish off the bindings before I take more photos.
Last night I de-constructed 9 flannel shirts for a retreat challenge which is due in 3 week's time, so there's plenty of time to get that done- isn't there? At least I've made a plan and that's usually the biggest challenge!
Bye for now and back to the binding.
Hugs Jan Mac


Maria said...

As usual you are doing wonderful work Jan. So nice to hear you had some me time with your friends.

What size are the bags you are making??? Would I be able to HELP you make some????

Mary-anne said...

enjoy Dookie - I'd love to be there.
Do you ahve apattern or instructiosn for the rice bags? Leon was heading to Timor today - i could have made some and got him to take them