Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter Break

I had a lovely break at Easter time as we were camping with friends. I've been fitting in some quilting but mainly crocheting and knitting as it's a more portable project. I finished off a scarf and crocheted enough squares for a blanket and now just have to join them together.
I bought almost a kilo of grey yarn at a thrift shop and it was very inexpensive as it was in an almighty tangled mess. I spent 3 days winding it all into balls and getting the tangles out of it so it's now being used up as blanket squares for Pine Ridge. I also knitted a face cloth from knitting cotton and sewed a rice bag for Timor.
I've been busy with family things as well as one of our children has been home for holidays and it's been lovely to have her company. I plan on getting more quilts finished off very soon as I want to send another shipment off to East Timor very soon.
So there's not a lot of quilting to show you lately but I have been putting another QAYG quilt together from donated blocks as well as making more blocks.
I also had a comment from Liz about the instructions for the QAYG blocks. I couldn't find your email address to reply to Liz, but if you check out my blog for Feb last year, you should find all your details there.
More to report later.
Hugs Jan Mac


Kaite said...

how nice for you to get away with friends for a few days. |<.

Kate said...

Jan - I do so enjoy reading your blog... your energy is amazing... and you do such a variety of projects! Most of all I'm impressed with the global nature of your quilting generosity... from Pine Ridge to East Timor.. (I do need to look at a map and see where East Timor actually is, I must confess)... Keep quilting and blogging!!