Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Quilt Delivery

Rhonda and I posed for a photo outside one of the schools we visited when we delivered quilts on Fri 3rd of April. Since then it's been a busy time with paid work and the quilting.
I also have received more wonderful donations and they will be acknowledged on my other blog at oz comfort quilts.
Tomorrow I'm off to a SCQ Retreat in Adelaide and won't be back until Tuesday evening. Then the next day we're off to Melbourne to see DH's specialist to discuss treatment options.
We went camping with a group of friends over Easter and it was great to relax and have fun before I came back to night shift again.
I'll post more when I return from my retreat where I plan to chat and laugh with as many people as I can, as well as making more quilts for the bush fire appeal. Take care all.
Hugs Jan Mac

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mamagoose said...

Hi, I am an expat living in Utah who is making at least 12 quilts for kiddos affected by the bushfires plus i have another 7 fleece no-sew blankets to donate too. The shipping is going to be cost prohibitive for me to send them all to any ideas? I was thinking of giving them to the local Red Cross Chapter and get them to send it to the REd cross in your area. Do you have any better suggestions?