Thursday, April 30, 2009

Fabric Heaven

What a wonderful task for a fabricologist to work with so many beautiful fabrics while constructing quilts from QAYG blocks.
The variety of fabric is wonderful and I am loving putting the blocks together while I'm admiring so many different fabric styles. Many of them are colours I wouldn't buy but I love working with them.
I'm not sure why but I love brights and yet I tend to buy pastels. On the recent Retreat's shop hop I was supposed to be searching for red and black fabrics so I could make Ray a quilt. However, I kept being enticed by the pretty florals and pastel prints. I know that working with other people's scraps does broaden my use of colour as I had never used purples or mauves in a quilt until the last year SCQ retreat when the theme colour was purple. Now I find that I'm even seeking those tones to buy.
I've been quilting for 30 years but because I can still be surprised by different colours, it helps to keep me interested in using new colours in my quilts. I've been very buy putting togtehr QS quilts from the donated QAYG blocks as we have another delivery on Monday.
Hugs till later.

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