Tuesday, March 10, 2009

QAYG quilts made so far

Thanks to all the donated QAYG blocks I've made 2 QS quilts and 9 single bed quilts as well as quilting a donated QS top which is not bad for a weeks work. I had used up nearly all the donated QAYG blocks and have just received more from Sunna Reyr in Iceland, Judith Hadley (USA) and Bev Dean (WA). I've only been able to make so many quilts so quickly because I had so many donated blocks as well as prepared binding strips made and donated. I've now got some more blocks to put together so I plan to get some more quilts made from them. I also spoke at a communtiy group last night and showed them hiw to make the blocks and hope they get enthused. I spoke at a craft group in Numurkah 2 weeks ago and the ladies have since made enough blocks for 2 quilts and are keen to make more. The beauty of the QAYG block is that non-quilters can make them with confidence and even if they only make a couple of blocks, I've been able to make a lot of quilts by combining all the donated blocks. It's been a fun project to get other people interested in ways to help both East timor and the bush fire survivors. These quilts will all go to Kinglake and I'll get more made for Timor when we get more given out for the bushfire areas. It's also been great to have a variety of blocks made specifically for boys, without pinks or florals, as I now have lots of quilts suitable for teen age boys and they can be hard to find for suitable quilts.
Many thanks to all of you for your help and sadly we still need a lot more quilts and QAYG blocks to have enough quilts for the people affected by the tragedy of the Victorian bushfires.

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Goosey said...

Your quilts are so inspiring, I have been browsing back through your stuff and loving it.