Saturday, March 7, 2009

But Still We Need More Quilts

I've been busy putting QAYG blocks together and had some love redwork blocks donated, so I've combined them with the QAYG blocks to make a QS quilt. I also managed to get a single bed quilt finished yesterday so I'm keeping up with the QAYG block donations and can always use more.
I also met up with a lovely quilter from the ACT yesterday as she and her DH were on their way to visit family in Melbourne. They stopped off with some lovely quilts, sewing supplies and two sewing machines as well as books and magazines for quilters in the fire affected areas.
The generosity of quilters never ceases to amaze me and I thank you all for your donations to the fire survivors. Back to the machine!
Hugs Jan Mac


Helen in the UK said...

You've made some wonderful quilts from the donated blocks. sounds like the needs are so great .... but remember you are only one person and don't burn yourself out on this!!
Helen in the UK
Fellow HeartString member

KaiteM. said...

that's a nice combination Jan. well done. K.

Yvonne said...

Did U get the blocks I sent?