Friday, December 12, 2008

A Seaside Break

We had a lovely break from work so we spent it at the beach. We also managed to call in to pick up some donated blocks from a quilter in Tasmania. Her son had brought them over for us and dropped them off at another SCQuilter's home and we called in on our way to the beach. DH was awake up to me and knows that was a main reason we were on the way to the beach. It was a big reason but I also love Point Lonsdale and Ocean Grove so it was a lovely break. We came back a day early as rain was expected and it has rained ever since. We were lucky to have a couple of fine days and we checked out where they filmed the TV series- Seachange.
I also managed to knit a couple of hats and make crochet squares for another blanket. Now we're home again I'm busy getting some more quilts finished.
WE really need the rain so we're not upset that our trip was cut a bit short and DH was happy to come home to watch the golf on TV.- always a silver lining!!

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