Wednesday, November 12, 2008

What I've Been Doing

I've been busy knitting booties and baby hats from a bag of odd balls of baby wool and I've also been busy quilting. This is one of my crumb quilts using odd scraps to make the blocks and using plain sqs to off set them. This week has been a busy quilting time for me and on Tuesday I bound 10 quilts and I still had 7 left to finish. Yesterday I made 2 more quilts from QAYG string blocks and started piecing more blocks to finish off a UFO someone donated.
I'm trying to get as many quilts finished as possible so the next shipment can be sent off the East Timor. I'm also looking for toys to add with the quilts as I didn't see any kids playing with toys other than a hoop and a stick to propel it. I think soccer balls, bats and tennis balls as well as dolls may be the best to send. Also I'm gathering school supplies so life is busy and rewarding. Off to my paid job today but I did enjoy a few days of sewing at home.


swooze said...

What size quilts are you sending over? I will have some small quilts later this year and would be happy to donate them if they fit your size requirement.

Do you need knit caps at all? I could probably round up a batch for you.

Mary said...

You've been busy! I like the crumb blocks alternating with the plain squares.