Monday, November 17, 2008

Going Back

I'm back to the gym to get a bit fitter as I've decided to return to East Timor next year. I had to weigh up how much I could do there compared with what I can do from home making and sending over quilts and warm clothes. They are very much needed but there is also a need for people with certain skills in health care, education and agriculture and I can help with some of the health care needs so I'm finding it hard to turn my back on the people I met there.
I also made some good friends on our team and have many good memories of our time in Maubisse. Here I show some of the work being done on the house we stayed in at Maubisse as well as some photos of the hospital. I've been very busy getting boxes of quilts and clothing ready to add to the next shipping container as well as knitting lots of baby clothes. Better get back to work again.

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