Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Cross Stitch Tuesday.

I have almost finished the back stitching this week which surprised me as I thought it would take a lot longer. I had a night where I didn't stitch on this and I think I only have a few hours of stitching left to do so I probably could have finished it otherwise. There's only a small amount of the back stitching left to do as well as Jake's name. Then there's the challenge of putting it all together as a stocking.
      I want to get it completely finished before I put it away so I hope to share a finish next week. Blogging my weekly progress has kept me focused as I only started it at the end of October and I plan to select another cross stitch UFO and continue to keep stitching to another finish.
   It was lovely to hear that Maria W. has started some UFO cross stitching again.
Hugs, Jan Mac 


Maria said...

Oh great work stitching the back stitch...
Hmm! I did get the cross stitch out on Christmas Day but haven't done anymore... Sadly I prefer sewing. It's quicker..

Andrea said...

That's a beautiful cross-stitch. Good on you for getting it out and working on it. I hope to be back cross-stitching again this year.