Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Cross Stitch Tuesday.

 I used to show my cross stitching on Tuesdays and thought I would establish it again now that I have started cross stitching again. Jake loves trains and I wanted to make an heirloom Christmas stocking for him. I thought that I had better get busy stitching as Christmas will be here in 7 more Tuesdays.
I started a couple of weeks ago and I am progressing nicely so I am pleased with it. My last finished piece of  cross stitching  was a wedding piece for Jake's parents and I enjoyed the process again.
I still have more cross stitch UFOs to finish as well as more I would like to start but in the meantime I plan to finish this one in time for this Christmas and not have another UFO.

 This delughtful young man is now 14 months old and has started walking. He has just had 3 molars descend and is also producing his lower eye teeth. He is remarkedly good natured despite all these teeth coming at once.
He loves reading books and his favourite trick now is now to climb up into Pa Pa's chair and have me sit next to him. Jake certainly brightens our days with his antics and he is sleeping for a couple of hours most days which has helped give me some time to quilt during most days.
Thanks for stopping by.
Hugs, Jan Mac 


Linda said...

Gosh, cross stitch, quilting and child minding a mobile grandson! All great things to do. Jake is growing up fast, he looks a lovely little chap.

Maria said...

A fabulous Train Christmas stocking for Jake.. you stitch quickly. I also enjoy cross stitch but I'm really slow and that's why I do more quilting. Machine sewing is much quicker.
Jake is such a gorgeous little man. Love the photo of him on Papas chair.