Saturday, July 7, 2018

4th UFO Finish For 2018.

 I'm feeling really happy about getting more of my UFOs finished, especially the very old ones I'm finding as I go through packing boxes. This one was madd from fabric I bought at a quilt shop sale and I chose an easy pattern to get it made quickly. However, the pattern mustn't have been too easy as it took me 25 years to make it. While looking for more recent UFOs to finish,  I found 3 blocks made and the rest of the fabric. At least I didn't have to search for the rest of the fabric, or something suitable, and it only took me a couple of days to finish it. I think the reason it sat for so long was that I had others which were being made for gifts etc. I guess it's another example of my quilter's distraction by newer more exciting projects.
   More importantly it's finished now and will be donated to Peter Mac for a male patient. Thanks to my lovely blogging supporters I have almost 20 more quilts to donate there.
       While searching boxes for a couple of tops I was hoping to quilt for our exhibition in September, I found this UFO too. I started it in a Robyn Falloon class at Dookie, I think at least 13 years ago. I took the class because it was needleturn applique but I didn't really like the design.  The first photo shows where it was after 2 days of stitching and the second shows how much I stitched in 3 hours last night. Since I started this class I have learned back basting so I used this technique ehich madd it go together quickly. I don't know where the pattern is so I found my light box and folded the fabric in half, tracing the design onto the back of the fabric. It was fortunate that  had used a variety of fabrics, especially greens, so I could use other fabric rather than wasting time looking for matching fabric.
I plan to finish the applique today and then make pieced blocks in pinks and mauves  to suit the applique. I will use the applique block as the central block and surround it by pieced blocks to finish it before donating it.
  So, although I haven't found the projects I was looking for, I have uncovered old UFOs and having fun getting them finished and donated. A bonus is that my skills have developed a lot since I started these old UFOs so I am getting them finished quickly. I  hope to have a 5th UFO finish to share soon.
Hugs, Jan Mac


Maria said...

You'er on a roll Jan.. The male quilts is perfect.
It's good to find old UFOs and realise that we have learnt a lot over the years..
This block will be a lovely center with pieced ones around..
Good luck finding the lost project.

Linda said...

You're working very quickly. Those boxes are like Treasure Trove - you never know what will appear. Good idea to finish whatever comes to hand, saves time wasted in procrastinating!