Tuesday, June 19, 2018

3rd UFO Finish for 2018.

I finished this 25 year old UFO and it feels great to finally have it finished. I was helped with the selection of fabrics and never really felt there was enough contrast. I can see that my fabric choices are totally different now and I am much more confident in my selections now. I guess making hundreds or more quilts will do that for you. Lol.
This was also my first use of the needleturn applique technique and I  can see that the threads that are available now make it much easier to be able to hide the stitches.
I am so happy to finally have it finished and happy that it looks better with borders and quilted. This set of blocks has been to so many sewing meetings while I try to work out how to use them.  There were supposed to be alternate blocks the same as the top left and bottom right corner blocks but I only made 2 as I didn't like them.  I'm also fairly sure that there are more of these blocks hiding somewhere  but at least I found enough to make a nice lap quilt to donate to Peter Mac. 
Even better,  it gets a 25 year old UFO out of the cupboard.  Although it's only my 3rd UFO finish for the year,  it's a huge finish for me as it has languished for so long. I also found 2 more UFOs from those years and will start working on finishing on one of them, the other has been abandoned as it was the hand quilted cream vest which I won't wear, so the fabric has gone back into the stash.
I'm very excited to have an old project finished and plan to have another to share soon.
Hugs, Jan Mac 


Linda said...

I started quilting back in 1997 when I took a Saturday course at a quilt shop and made a simple patchwork cushion . Looking at your now finished UFO the fabrics and colours remind me of the colours I chose( with help from the shop owner) all those years ago. It was obviously a favourite colour scheme in the 1990s!

marijke Kleefman-Sandee said...

You made it into a lovely quilt Jan .great find ,
I still have a few UFO,s ,save them to finish in the winter I,m making a lot scrap quilts at the moment for Roemenie.Hugs Marijke