Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Old Faithful.

 Thanks to having so manh donated QAYG blocks on hand,  I have been able to stitch them together every time I get a small amount of time to sew, usually during Jake's nap time. He's in a good routine now so I try to have fabric prepared to join the blocks and I have finished these 4 in the last few days.

They're all different and despite being made by many different people, they all play nicely together. I plan on dropping off some more quilts for Peter Mac Cancer Centre this weekend so will give an updated number soon.
    Apart from that I have been busy singing and reading stories to Jake. He is such a delightul little boy who is a pleasure to have here. DH even commented om jow muvh he misses him at the weekends. I guess moving has been a success for both of us. Lol
Hugs, Jan Mac 


Maria said...

How lovely that Jake's such a good boy you can get sew much sewing done.
Sounds like hubby enjoys Jake's company too.
Four great quilts you have ready to take to Peter Mac...

Maria said...

The QAYG quilts always look great and sew many wonderful folk who make and send then to you Jan.