Sunday, April 1, 2018

Easter Blessings.

Good Friday was a special day for us, not just for religious reasons but also because it's DD, Stephanie's birthday, 12 months since my Father died, and we picked up Stephanie, Paul and Jake from the airport. Jake was a bit shy for about 20 seconds and then he recognized us and his face lit up. He has certainly grown in 5 weeks and is now 7 months old, has 4 teeth and is just speaking his first words, "bubba".
     We held a birthday lunch for Stephanie on Saturday and it was such a blessing to have the family together with Jake chuckling and trying to crawl. I also finished this cross stitched piece for Stephanie's birthday and was relieved to have it done in time for her birthday, having missed their first wedding anniversary and Christmas.  I'd forgotten how long cross stitch takes to finish but I did enjoy working on it and I really need to finish off some more cross stitch UFOs.
    I have been quilting more tops to share with you and have started working on the last 2 cot quilts. I really need to get them done as well as sort out the sewing room but we have been putting flat pack cupboards together for the laundry so the tidying will have to wait. It will be good to have more cupboards for storage and get more boxes unpacked so I can feel a bit more organized. At least I'm in a good pattern for working on quilting more tops.
  I hope you are all enjoying a peaceful Easter and taking some time to reflect and just breathe.
Thanks for stopping by.
Hugs, Jan Mac 

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It is always good to have family around during birthdays and holidays--
Love the cross stitch--great job--
enjoy, di