Saturday, April 7, 2018

A Day Off.

 On the spur of the moment I decided to take a day off and go into the city to spend the day at the Australasian Quilters Convention. It's held in a beautiful heritage building, the Melbourne Exhibition building and it was a lovely sunny say to walk through the surrounding gardens.
 Some of the quilts on display. I try to credit the quilters but didn't always remember to take a photo to note the maker. The Royals was a series of 3 quilts by Sarah Fraser from Tasmania.
 This was the Best of the Best for Victoria last year and represents the retina of the eye. The workmanship was incredible. Each state has an entry for their chosen Best of Show and then the Best of Australia quilt is selected. This quilt was made by Sugy Kim and won Best of Australia tonight.

 Deb Louie was teaching this technique and I love the pieced background and the colourful petals of the flowers.
 Fabulous hexagon quilt, made using 3/4 inch hexagons.

The last 3 photos are of 2 of Willyne Hammerstein's fabulous work and she was teaching 4 days of classes. It was fun catching up with old friends, seeing quilts and buying some fabric and quilting books. The only thing which would be better is if there were antique quilts on display too.
      I really enjoyed my day off and it was so easy to just take the train in instead of driving for 2 and a half hours. Now that we are living in Melbourne the opportunity to attend these events, using public transport,  means that I should take advantage of easy travel. I'm putting my feet up tonight but will be quilting again in the morning.
Hugs, Jan Mac 


Maria said...

How lovely for you to have a day off and be able to take a train ride to the Craft Show...
sew many amazing quilts.....

marijke Kleefman-Sandee said...

Amazing quilts ,!!!!loved to see them ,sadley to far away.