Monday, March 5, 2018

Very Generous Donations.

 The postman has brought some fabulous donations for the New Guinea project and I am blown away by your generosity.
Linda A. from the UK, has made 6 QAYG blocks and 20 fabulous crocheted granny squares (Sorry one missed out on being in the photo). They look beautiful and will maje some lovely quilts and crocheted blankets for Medivac flight patients in New Guinea. Patients usually are flown out of the remote mountainous areas and the quilts and blankets will help them to maintain their body temperature during the flight. In some cases they could very well be life saving so your contributions will make a big difference.
 I also received a large parcel of 29 (yes, 29) knitted beanies from Sue V. in Shepparton, Vic. Sue must have turned to knitting fulltime and I know they will be very welcome to their recipients. My niece and her husband (he flies the Medivac and transport planes) live in the Highlands of New Guinea and they tell me it gets quite cold, especially overnight, and locals have limited access to warm garments and quilts.

I'm still waiting to hear how we can get these wonderful donations to New Guinea so I am still making them and getting boxes ready to send. This will most likely be an ongoing project so I will keep making and accepting donations and transport them when possible.
   Linda asked if I kept a total of my quilt output, and I used to but then lapsed in counting them. I must add up how many QAYG quilts I have completed over the years too. Of course the large numbers of quilts we have donated,  and the large numbers of people we have been able to bring comfort and warmth to,  is only possible because of all of your support with these Gift Quilt Projects.
Many thanks to all of you.
Hugs, Jan Mac 


Linda said...

So pleased my parcel arrived. More crochet squares in the pipeline. Those beanies are gorgeous! What a fabulous total.

Maria said...

Sew many wonderful folk that knit ,quilt and donate. Huge hugs to all and you too Jan for always finding homes for them..