Monday, March 12, 2018

Quilts For New Guinea.

 I've made a start on making quilts for New Guinea, using up some of the QAYG blocks I had on hand. These will be used for Medivac flight patients and I will be making them in varying sizes.

I'm still knitting beanies and crocheting Granny squares for blankets too and should have some of those to show soon. I'm trying to get as much done as possible before we start looking after Jake in April as my quilting time is going to be limited then but there will be the benefits of seeing our happy grandson every day.
More to share soon.
Hugs, Jan Mac 


Maria said...

Great quilts for New Guinea ...the will be much loved...
It will be lovely to look after little Jake. Enjoy.

Linda said...

Well done, Jan, for ploughing on with QAYG Quilts, Granny squares and beanies. You may be able to sneak a little crafting time when Jake has a nap.