Saturday, January 27, 2018

First UFO Finish for 2018.

Every year I plan, or hope, to finish off UFOs but new projects, or other people's donated UFOs seem to be at the top if the pile. This year, as I endeavour to downsize, I really want to finish up lots of those UFOs that I started with lots of enthusiasm before another project captured my attention. Often I started something to see how it would look, or to use up scraps, and then another quilt with a deadline distracted me.
   As I am planning to donate virtually all of my finished quilts and clear some of my fabric, I really want to get more finished. This one was started a few years ago when Bonnie Hunter of Quiltville,  used a Split 9 patch as her Leader/Ender project. I used up lots of scraps and I like it but think if I make another I will limit my scraps to only a couple of colours. This one will be donated too and it's great to have a finish.
  We're off to Tasmania now so hope to keep my blog updated as we travel. I have packed hand stitching of 2 more UFOs and think I should be able to get at least one finished. My niece, who is currently living in New Guinea while her DH flies medical evacuations, delivering supplies etc, has asked if I could make beanies,  blankets and quilts etc for the villagers as they are in the mountains and it gets quite cold at night. They will use them on medivacs too.
Hugs, Jan Mac


Linda said...

Hurrah for the first UFO finsh for 2018! Enjoy your trip to Tasmania - we loved it when we visited a few years ago. So now you have another project, beanies, blankets and quilts for PNG. Crochet squares for blankets that you can do whilst travelling?

Jo said...

So what size beanies and blankets.. Where are they to be sent and by when?? Always keeping busy.

Maria said...

Loving this UFO project you finished Jan..
Enjoy your trip to Tassie.
That's why I love sending you blocks, quilts etc because you always find them a perfect home.😘

marijke Kleefman-Sandee said...

love the first finished quilt in 2018,and now a holiday .enjoy the holiday ,looking forward to see the photos.,hugs Marijke