Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Our Special Christmas.

 The last two days leading up to Christmas were a bit of a rush as our DD asked me to sew a Christmas stocking for Jake as well as making Christmas shorts for all of them. No pressure then. LOL
 Jake was happy to show off his new stocking and he's such a happy baby that he is a delight to have around. Of course we spoiled him with more gifts than would fit in his stocking but this stocking is for his home and I have a lovely cross stitch one I plan to make as a keepsake but I'd better get busy stitching or it will be a few more years before it's ready.
 The much loved grandson and his parents spent the 3 days before Christmas with us as well as we have just worked out how to operate the 10 person spa at our new home. We thought it might not work but surprisingly it did. DH wasn't interested in it but I asked him to get the filter going so we could use it as a swimming pool, and that was all I wanted for Christmas as our grandson was our special gift. Our son in law cam over and together they worked out how to operate it and now DH is enjoying using it every day. I must get a photo soon. Believe me it is such a lovely way to relax and I've been swimming twice a day since. I can see that we will have lots of fun family time with swims and BBQs and lots of time spent with grandchildren, and that is the perfect gift for me.
Of course we were exhausted after all that activity so we have had a quiet few days watching the cricket and I have started quilting more tops as I continue to downsize and get organized. It's probably going to take me 10 years before I get through all the boxes but as long as I make progress I'll have to be happy with that.
   I hope you all had a relaxing Christmas with family and friends and that you will be blessed by many good things in 2018. We've had the biggest year of our lives and we're looking forward to having more time to relax and we are going to Tasmania at the end of the month to enjoy some cooler weather and some relaxation. Now the spa is functional we could have stayed at home but we love to travel and see new sights too.
Take care. Hugs, Jan Mac


Maria said...

How cute is little Jake... great photo of him in his stocking...
Pleased you got the spa worked out and that you can now enjoy it.

marijke Kleefman-Sandee said...

A lovely present for Jake ,such a happy boy .Youv,e ben so bussy Jan ,I hope you have a lovely time in Tasmanie.It,s winter here with a lot rain.Hugs Marijke