Friday, August 25, 2017

Many Blessings.

 We are absolutely thrilled to welcome our first grandchild into our family. He arrived at 11.47pm Thurs night on 24th Aug at 38 weeks and 2 days. He is only 5lb 10 oz and is small but perfectly formed.
 He's wearing 5 zero clothes which are a bit big on him. Bless him.
 He's wearing one of the singlets I stitched a motif on. It's a 4 zero and huge on him. LOL
He's doing very well now he's maintaining his temperature and it is so wonderful to watch your DD and her lovely husband with their new son. They have named him Jake William and Ray and I are besotted with him.
 As well as this exciting news, we accepted a good offer on the farm on Monday and are just waiting for the building inspection so we can sign the contracts and start to plan the move. We can see many fun family times ahead and we're feeling very blessed that we will be living nearer to family and can be involved in our grandson's life.
Hugs and much love, Jan Mac


jacaranda said...

Many congratulations on the birth of Jake William. A gorgeous little boy to love. I wish you all every happiness as a new family together. Also congrats on the house offer, everything seems to be falling into place. Enjoy your new home. Love Jenni

margaret said...

what a welcome addition to the family congrats to your DD and enjoy being a granny. He is so cute and a good weight for being early. Such good news re the farm too fingers crossed the sale progresses quickly and you are soon established in your new home in Melbourne and near the baby and family

Jo said...

How exciting for you. He is a little treasure. Congratulations on selling to. That stress is over..

Annette said...

Congratulations to the new parents and new grandparents, it's a lovely experience watching our children become parents.
Good luck with the sale.
Take care......Annette

Maria said...

Congratulations to all...Jake William is gorgeous..
Wonderful news about the sale of the farm too.
Will be lovely for you to be close to your DD,SIL and beautiful GS.

Linda said...

A very belated Congratulations on the arrival of your beautiful grandson Jake William. He is just lovely! Haven't been getting your blog posts for a few weeks, somehow I seem to have dropped off the list for them to come to me directly. Have just re registered. You will love being nearer to your daughter and family.