Friday, August 11, 2017

All Things Baby.

 I haven't been blogging as I have been in Melbourne and busy with all things baby. The baby shower went well and the cake was delicious.
 It was a busy and happy event with lots of family and friends stopping by. The Dr says that the baby might be early so I have been busy making cot sheet sets but forgot to take photos, Lol so will try to rectify that soon. Now I am making bassinet sheet sets and I'd better get a wriggle on as he could be here in a couple of weeks. There's lots of washing happening to prepare all the baby clothes for wearing and still lots of knitting happening. I have also been working in Melbourne at a home for younger people with Acquired Brain Injuries, and I have enjoyed the change in work.
 The new parents-to-be are very excited that their little man will soon be making his appearance and we are spending more time in Melbourne now apart from quick trips back to the farm to prepare the house for inspections. It appears we might be getting close to selling as we have 3 buyers who are interested and a couple of offers so far, so fingers crossed.
I don't have my computer here in Melbourne but luckily DH has just arrived and he has brought his down so I can add photos. I also dropped off 33 quilts for Peter Mac this week and they will be given out to patients needing a warm hug from a quilt. I also received 2 fabulous quilts from Ann G. in NSW and I will take photos and share ASAP.
Hugs, Jan Mac


Michele Hill said...

Exciting times ahead for you wonderful for all of it - you deserve it all and more. Hugs from across the border xx

Linda said...

What a lovely photo of your daughter her husband. Such a pretty dress and super happy smiles. Good wishes to you all for the new baby. Great quilt total for Peter Mac. They must look forward to your deliveries. Fingers crossed for the house sale.

Maria said...

How exciting for your DD , her hubby ,your hubby and you wanting for the little fella to arrive.
All the best wishes with the Farm..
How nice to be able to drop of the quilts for folk who need a much loved hug.

margaret said...

How exciting baby will be here soon and then such fun watching him develop and become a "little man " . Cake so pretty and delicious too I am sure. Fingers crossed the sale will progress on the farm then you can move to Melbourne