Saturday, May 20, 2017


 I feel very blessed to be able to do something I love and which benefits others as I love making quilts and also finishing off other people's UFOs. I also love to donate them where I know they will bring comfort and let's face it I don't have enough cupboards to store all the finished quilts I have made.
This week I was invited to a luncheon held by Peter Mac to thank their volunteers and it was inspiring to talk with other people who volunteer and donate to the patients of Peter Mac. I felt privileged to be in  their company and  I met some ladies who have been making chemo hats for 27 years. The co-ordinator for volunteers assured me that they could use as many quilts as I can supply so I have committed to making them my main area to donate and will try to donate 100 quilts by the end of this year. That's a big undertaking with all that we have happening here but I can but try.
    I really am blessed to have so many fellow bloggers who send me fabric, tops, quilts, orphan blocks or QAYG blocks because it has only been possible to donate so many quilts due to all the help I have had over the years. We can be very proud of the quilts we have donated as they are beautiful and much appreciated by the recipients.
    One of the blessings of blogging has been meeting and corresponding with other like-minded quilters around the world and I was lucky enough to meet Felicia and Marijke 3 years ago when we visited Holland. Marijke has sent another box of wonderful string pieced blocks as well as a lovely top and more QAYG blocks which will all be finished off and donated on her behalf. Thank you so much Marijke for all that you do for others less fortunate.

 Marijke also sent these 2 beautiful cups, one for DH, and it will remind us of such a happy time when we visited you and Chris in Delfzel.
 I am also grateful for all those lovely bloggers who stay in touch and support these quilt projects. It does help to keep focus on how we can connect around the world and help others in need.
  Peter Mac Cancer Centre is the only hospital which solely treats cancer patients in Australia and we are very lucky to have such world class facilities and I know that every quilt we can make and donate will cheer a patient and their family and that is really why I quilt.
Hugs, Jan Mac


margaret said...

what a goal 100 quilts this year these will be so appreciated I so admire what you are doing

marijke Kleefman-Sandee said...

I,m glad that the box is arrived to you ,so fast this time 2weeks only.
hugs Marijke

Linda said...

I love your Dutch mugs! So kind of Marijke to send them in her quilty parcel. I love reading about all the quilts you make, put together from QAYG and orphan blocks and completing ones that others have started. You do an amazing amount of good work for charity, Jan and I applaud you for that. So pleased you were invited to the Thank you lunch at Peter Mac. They must be delighted with all the wonderful quilts you donate. Well done, Jan. 💗💗💗

Maria said...

What a wonderful lady Marijke is to send such a great parcel from Holland...