Friday, November 18, 2016

Little Things

 As I'm busy packing up my sewing room I have made time to work on some smaller projects which won't leave so much mess. This small wall hanging is 9" by 11" and the blocks are 2.25" finished. It was an easy job to join the blocks and, quilt and bind it and it will hang in our new home. I love Log Cabin quilts as there are so many variations you can make for the block layout.
 This Lemoyne Star is one I bought from an antique dealer and I quilted and bound it so I can hang this one and enjoy its lovely fabric. It was made using Madder fabric in 1870 and measure 8".
 I also bought this remnant of a quilt from 1830-70. It measure 13 inches and it had an extra inch along one side so I removed that and used that fabric for the repairs.


 The back had a hole up on the top left hand side and the bottom part was a bit tattered, which is expected due to the age. Below you can see the repairs in the same place as the photo above.
I bound the piece with reproduction fabric and it will also make a nice little wall hanging.
Hugs, Jan Mac


Jo said...

Great job repairing it. Looks good

Needled Mom said...

Those make such nice minis. I love log cabins too for their many design options.

Ulla said...

You managed to do a miracle on the reverse of the star block. It must feel so rewarding to be able to rescue antique blocks and to give them a new life and respect.

Linda Ashworth said...

I love your vintage mini quilts. Do you have a moving date yet?