Monday, July 4, 2016

What A Week That Was.

 Between working on DD's wedding and honeymoon plans and working nights, the week just disappeared. Driving up and down to Melbourne as well has worn me out so I missed my quilting meeting today so I could catch up on sleep.
    I was more productive this afternoon with a large bonfire of old chairs, old suitcases and lots of cardboard boxes, as well as garden clippings. I'm a bit weary now but it's good to see some progress with clearing out the old.
     I did get one donated top quilted and it was constructed from narrow and short strings which combined to make a fabulous, colorful quilt for someone. I also received another large parcel from Stephanie D., of Perth. She included the 18 QAYG blocks which wouldn't fit into the last large parcel she sent, as well she cut and sent another six sets of joining strips for more QAYG quilts. I gave another big week of working nights this week but hope to get some more quilts finished as well.
   Many thanks for all your help with these quilt projects for the needy. I have another 3 quilts to drop off to the homeless teens this week and the pile of quilts for those affected by domestic violence continues to grow for another delivery.
 Hugs and many thanks to you all who help, Jan Mac


Jo said...

I like this design. You have done well

Linda said...

Great quilt. I always think a solid red binding is a perfect finish for strippy quilts. Good luck with all your tasks. A wedding and a house move. Wow!