Friday, June 3, 2016

Stranded in Birdsville.

Our car problems continued and we found ourselves stranded for five days while we waited for parts to be flown in. There are only two flights a week with supplies from the nearest larger town but they didn't have the parts either so we had to wait for them to order them in and then fly them to Birdsville. It took five days to get the part and only fifteen minutes to fit it.
    We filled in the week with lots of reading. I've always liked Birdsville but have never spent more than a few days there and really there is nothing much to do as a tourist. I told DH it was a shame we weren't stranded at the beach instead. The car was repaired on Monday late afternoon and we are now home after three long days of driving. Today was spent unpacking, washing clothes etc and I now have lots of donation quilts to finish from all the lovely QAYG blocks my lovely blog readers have been sending. Stay tuned for some quilting updates very soon.
It was a great trip but it's lovely to be home again.
Hugs, Jan Mac

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