Saturday, April 2, 2016

Rescuing Humpty Dumpty.

 I bought this lovely 1880s quilt with a plan for a rescue. Probably rescue is not correct as this lovely quilt has been cut up and I only have four pieces of the original to work with and several missing sections. I laid out the sections, matching them to where they had been cut apart so I could see what was missing. The quilt was originally 30 squares in each direction and the squares measure 2.25 inches. They are a lovely selection of fabrics and the quilting is lovely.
     Rather than just piecing him together seamlessly I think I will add repro shirtings on the back so you can see how he has been reconstructed, but make the top back into a resemblance of his former glory, using antique fabrics which resemble the original.
     This process is more of a resurrection than a simple repair but I think he will be well worth the effort. Hopefully I can turn Humpty Dumpty into Lazarus and I'll share my finished quilt so you can see if the resurrection is a success or not.
     The last two photos show a rare occurrence for me- a finished quilt I've bought which doesn't require any restoration work. I think she's probably from the 1950s and she has been nicely quilted in a Baptist Fan design, using a relatively large stitch. I liked the design and she is in excellent condition but needs a soak to remove a couple of age spots. She's too large to easily hang on my design wall so will need to take better photos another time.
Hugs, Jan Mac

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marijke Kleefman-Sandee said...

great finds Jan ,good idea for the first quilt ,
wher did you find all these quilts,hugs Marijke