Friday, April 8, 2016

It's Been A Busy Week.

 Lots of night shifts to work and lots of sleep required so not a lot happening on the quilting front. There's also been a few more purchases of vintage quilt tops and blocks. The Trip Around the World quilt top is from a deceased estate and it's made from poly knit offcuts that the quilter had left over from making clothes for her children. I knew it was a poly knit when I bought it and as I don't already own one, and the price was right, I thought I'd add it to my collection. They seem to be indestructible from all reports and the bright colours are fun.
     I also bought a set of star blocks, probably pieced from 1950s fabric and there is a needle still stuck into the fabric. The stars have all been made so it will be a fun project to tuck into my bag as a "carry along" WIP for those little increments of time.
       I also gad my Melbourne quilting group's meeting on Monday and we had a very informative talk by Kathy Kaplan, of Impact. Kathy spoke about the effects of domestic violence in our communities as well as the work that occurs to help the women and children affected. Our group made another large donation of toiletry bags, and you can see of those I made, as well as lots of pretty items to be distributed for their Mother's Day project. I took the opportunity to donate some more finished quilts and crocheted blankets.Kathy asked me to pass on her very sincere thanks for all of your donations. Delys R., could you also please thank your DD very much for her beautiful quilt which will be a treasured gift for someone in need. Kathy said that the ladies who received the quilts we have donated have been thrilled with them.
  Many thanks, Jan Mac

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