Wednesday, February 10, 2016

The Scottish Diaspora Tapestry.

 I took a 2 hour road trip to Albury last week to see the Scottish Diaspora Tapestry. It isn't coming to Melbourne and I am very grateful to the lovely Michele Hill for writing about it on her blog,
     It consists of 305 embroidered pieces which depict the travels of Scottish people where they developed new communities around the world. I saw 100 of them and they are planning on rotating the collection as there wasn't enough room to display the 305 pieces at the one time. The collection is on display at the Albury Library until Feb 24th. and admission is free. If you are unable to see it when it shows near you, it can also be seen online. The embroidery used varied stitches to depict different features such as the gold on the Bendigo piece and the Tartan or checks on their clothes.
     I even saw some panels which represented The Netherlands and Germany and each piece told some of the history of the Scots who settled in each area.
    It was well worth the drive to see it and I combined it with my shopping of more yarn for the crocheted blankets I make for the needy and homeless.
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Hugs, Jan Mac

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marijke Kleefman-Sandee said...

Dear Jan ,what a beautifull embroidery .
so interesting .I will look at the blog .
THanks for sharing .
Hugs Marijke