Wednesday, February 17, 2016

QAYG and Building Blocks.

 Paid work has been very busy for the past week and there hasn't been time or energy for much else. I have been making more QAYG blocks and crocheted squares so I can build up my supply of blocks to make more quilts and blankets. I finally had time to make another QAYG quilt before I worked last night and I have half a crocheted blanket put together and more squares finished to add to it. Even little increments of time can add up when working on just squares here and there as time allows. I never tire of making the crocheted blankets or QAYG quilts and plan to have some more finishes to share soon when I have recovered from my lack of sleep.
     I also found these donated blocks which I need to stitch around to secure the fused pieces for appliqué. I don't gave enough of the joining strips so I think I might alternate the blocks with pieced blocks instead of sashing. It will make a cute kid's quilt once I work out what I want to do to finish them.
I'm off to sleep most of the day away and recover from working last night.
Hugs, Jan Mac

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