Monday, February 22, 2016

Puddling Along and Another Special Parcel.

 I have two nieces who gave both recently had babies and I am behind with making and delivering their baby quilts for the new arrivals. One of the families are waiting to leave for New Guinea where Dave will work as a pilot for a medical evacuation program run by their Church's mission programs. As they had a boy I wanted to make them a quilt with planes to acknowledge their service to the people of New Guinea. I was lucky enough to find some lovely fabric featuring planes, which I'm using for the alternate blocks. I also bought a set of Perspex templates for the plane blocks. I still gave to finish the blocks, add borders, machine appliqué his name, quilt and bind it by the end of the week. No pressure then!
     I've been spending more time crocheting more squares for blankets as I can do that in front of the AC and fan without over-heating as much as when I quilt. I have finished putting one blanket together and almost have enough squares for a second donation blanket. Then I think I might put that away and get back to making more QAYG blocks and put them together. I've also been spring cleaning and donating lots of books and glassware we never use as well as going through my linen cupboard. Now that our children have left home, we don't need as many sheets etc so I'm donating them as well. We're getting very hot weather again this week so the cleaning out of cupboards will cease for now.
    Today I received another special parcel of fabric, odd blocks etc from Lorraine B. of Melbourne, which will all be used to make some more quilt tops and QAYG blocks. Many thanks for your donations to help with my quilt projects for the needy, Lorraine. Every donation helps to make life a little better and brighter for those in need.
     I hope you are all getting some time to stitch and stay cool as well.
Hugs, Jan Mac


marijke Kleefman-Sandee said...

Love the plane quilt, what a lovely present for the baby .
I wish them well in New Guinee.
hugs Marijke

Linda said...

Lovely idea to make a plane quilt for this new baby. Hope all goes well for the family as they fly off to a new country and new way of life.

ruthsplace said...

It's a lovely quilt. I'm located in Port Moresby and would be happy to help your niece with anything if they are coming to POM. Feel free to pass on my contact details.

Dawn said...

Super airplane quilt, so,perfect for the family. Love your QAYG project - very generous!