Tuesday, February 9, 2016

A Special Delivery From Western Australia.

It has been a very busy week with no time for blog posts so I'll have to catch you up on events this week. Today I received a large parcel of beautiful QAYG blocks from Maria W. of Western Australia. Maria has been very busy sewing and sent 20 blocks 12 inches in size and 2 in 10.5 inch size. She also sent binding strips cut so it won't take me long to put them together.
    Thank you so much Maria, you have given me a huge gift of time as well. I do hope it helped you to clear some scraps out and make room for more fabric. Lol
    I took a road trip on Thursday and took the opportunity to buy a large bag of yarn from the Wangaratta Textile Mills to make more crocheted blankets. I love to use up lots of small scraps to make them nice and bright with different colored yarns. It's hard to believe that I'm working on blankets for winter when we are having a heat wave but our air con has been broken for the past 4 days and I wanted to sit in front of the fan. Thankfully it is fixed now so I'm hoping to get some more quilting done before I'm back on nights at the end of the week.
 Stay cool. Hugs, Jan Mac


Maria said...

Pleased the blocks arrived...LOL they didn't put much of a dent in the scrap stash.....
Nice your air con is fixed and you can stay cool.

Linda said...

Do you not use wool yarn for your crocheted blocks or is acrylic yarn any use to you?

Jan Mac said...

Hi Linda, I use both wool and acrylic for the blankets. Acrylic is usually preferred by the homeless as it wears well but either is fine. It depends on what I can find at the Op a Shops and yarn factories. I even use yarn which has been unraveled as crochet is very forgiving if it is wrinkly.
Thanks for your interest.
Hugs, Jan